No, this is not my type of music. I am sharing this video by Jennifer Lopez ft French Montana called ‘I Luh Ya Papi’ with you to make a point.

Yes, women are being objectified for ages. So yes, it would definitely be nice to put the men in our shoes – or in this case bathing suits – for a change.
This video shows you what it would look like to objectify men, having them stand or lie around half naked for no understandable reason and without an obvious purpose. They may look hot, but honestly, it kind of looks ridiculous to me…

Is it the fact that I am not used to seeing men like this that makes the experience have a peculiar touch to it? Probably. But then I find women lying around like cuddly, sex-craved kittens also kind of strange. I am sure that if I would behave like that, my partner would have a laughing fit. If he would do it, OMG, *crying tears from laughing just by thinking about it*! 🙂

The thing is, I don’t want to objectify men. Trying to give someone, in this case men, a taste of their own medicine has never worked and only provokes resistance. What I want, is to subjectify men. Men are subjects of our desire, not objects. Men are not Gucci dresses or a pair of Louboutins. And women are not Porsches or Rolexes. It’s not so difficult to understand, right?

Oh well, enjoy the six-packs anyways, yo’ll! 😉