“A couple of weekends per year I´m performing as a fire-dancer – sometimes with a leather-loin-cloth. From time to time, women have asked me if I´m wearing something underneath. So I thought: okay – women are also looking for certain parts of a man´s body, even if he is an average man in a certain age like me. And I must admit: I like these questions…”

I have received a couple of photos from T., but this one I like best. If you want to see more, let me know.


“First of all, I´m glad to be part of this website. I have to admit, that I love to see sexy, nude women in daily life – in TV, advertising or somewhere else. And I see nothing bad with this.
These models have admirers like me, so what is wrong with it? Wouldn´t it be worse, if nobody would take any notice of them ? But – on the other hand – if women do also like to see nude males (do they ?) why does nobody show? Is it another kind of view, that women have on males? More difficult to understand? Is it a fault in our society? I don´t know, but therefore, I like Gabi’s Website. And following my little exhibitionist vein, I love to be on her site. Hopefully, more guys will follow – not for me, but for you, Ladies!”