Actor Michael Cera as Evan in Superbad

Last night I watched the movie Superbad, written by Seth Rogen (whom I find kind of hot in this movie, something about his eyes…), again. Every time I see it, I wonder if the typical american-teenage-sex-stress-before-college is true. Maybe it is true every where. I couldn’t say, because my parents sent me to a Waldorf education school where no one even knows about sex unless it has to do with procreation – something antroposofic followers are very good at that by the way.

But anyway, I find this film hilarious and enjoyed it as usual. Then I noticed something the character ‘Evan’ says about boners (see image). Suddenly I realised how hard it must be for boys and men to live in a society where the opposite sex feels weird about dicks. Good thing NMHW is working so diligently on making this world a better, pro-penis place 😉