'American Gigolo' 1980...

Richard Gere in ‘American Gigolo’ 1980

This is not the first time I am picking my brain on the topic of male prostitution for women. Okay, I am not really picking my brain, I am actually trying to write a sexy fictional story about the subject. The same question always rises, though: why would I pay a man to have sex with me?

If a woman wants to have a bit of casual, uncomplicated sexy time it is relatively easy for her to get it. She just needs to go to a some club and chances are high that she’ll find a guy or two willing to fulfil her wish. But… will the sex be good?

Now that’s the question, isn’t it? Supposedly quite some men don’t care much about the quality of a hookup-sex – for her that is. This means a spontaneous sex encounter will most likely leave her high and dry, wondering if it was even worth the effort.

The thing is, it is hard to know in advance if we girls will be happy with what we get. Vice versa one could state the same of course, but I think it is safe to say that men will be less disappointed, simply because a woman doesn’t have to put so much effort into it for him to have a halfway satisfactory result.

A man who is motivated to give it his best shot so to speak, a professional who’s job it is to please you, sounds a lot more interesting, or? Yes, he may be motivated by money and not so much by you as a person, but when he is good he knows how to give you the feeling he wants you more than anything else. He will certainly be better at it than the halfway wasted guy at the bar. And in the end you are not interesting in him as a person either. You just want a good fuck.

So let’s imagine a world where women could go to a red light district such as the one in Amsterdam. Next to clubs and windows where female prostitutes offer their services, there would also be hot, half naked, willing men trying to lure you in. You walk around or go inside, look at what’s being offered, let your belly decide. You choose one – or more. You say what it is you desire… You can check the goodies in advance and if you don’t like what you see, leave again without an argument. These men will be clean, there will be no discussions about the use of condoms. Without any worries you can give in to the experience, completely…

Let’s be honest here: doesn’t all this just sound absolutely awesome? I think I’d try it.